Friday, April 4, 2014

Animation Capstone

For my capstone and last animation of my college career, I will be making a small short to start my adventure into this world of mushroom people that has been on my mind for a while now.

This is just the start for me in figuring out this little world, as I hope to expand and improve not only the designs but the story as well. By making everything more fleshed out and enjoyable and interesting to watch.

At the moment, this short I will be making, as I said, is a stepping stone into this idea and the story is more centered around the main mushroom lady, Amanita Virosa and her sort of 'waking up' and experiencing the world and how she affects it for the first time. Amanita Virosa is the scientific name for a poisonous mushroom that is more commonly known as the "Death Angel". They grow independently from one another in lonely areas next to trees and resemble the mushroom Agaricus Campestris, a common meadow mushroom. They are often confused when field hunters go to pick these mushrooms. This results in a slow painful death caused by the consumption of a Death Angel.

I used the descriptions given to these various mushrooms such as their living space, color, and sometimes their described relations with other plants to create these characters and their color pattern.

Here are the character designs:

I haven't yet completed a character sheet for the poisonous mushroom gang, but here are some sketches:

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