Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Just thought I'd stop by and drop off a couple things sitting in my flash drive. Here are some photoshop sketches I did. The pencil tool can be really fun it you use it like a pen to paper. I just love using lines as shading!

 Here's a creature I made for my next animation project. It's going to be a rigged character that had to be a mix between mechanical and organic. Our group chose a sort of swamp environment with a voodo type of theme mixed in so I took the idea of pins and needles mounted on his back. He can climb up trees by setting his glasses upon his head and then reach for the needles and throw them up to stick into the tree and climb up through the string that's attached.

I was also working on redoing my mushroom girl expressions on the side since the old one wasn't as expressive.

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