Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robberies and mole-pigs

Thought I might as well make a seperate blog that pertains to all my work, like a portfolio in the making!

The other blog I have is http://rfilipski.wordpress.com/ which is for my design for media class. It shows the progress of the projects we make throughout the year. So I probably won't post those here.

So i guess I'll start off with my most recent storyboard I finished. It goes with the song Do Mole-pigs Dream of Spirals? from the Tengann Toppa Gurren Lagann soundtrack. It doesn't sinc up too well, but I had to slow it down a bit. If it was at 30sec then it would go with the music more.


Welp, thats it for now. I'll have to scan some stuff.

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